Student Support Center


The Student Support Center at Bret Harte Elementary School has been providing students and their families with the supports they need in order to achieve success at school, at home and in life, for more than two decades!

Our Services 

Located on the soccer field, supports offered at the Student Support Center include:

  • Links to basic needs resources (food, clothing, shelter, holiday assistance, etc);
  • Mentoring and tutoring;
  • Health insurance and health care;
  • Mental health counseling;
  • Psychoeducational groups;
  • Parent and caregiver supports;
  • School-wide events and activities;
  • and so much more!

Student Support Center staff are highly trained and experienced in mental health, community and youth development, social work and education.  We use a trauma-engaged approach and are passionate about the wellbeing of each student on campus.  We work hard to be partners with caregivers in achieving the goals they share for their family.  Please stop by and meet our staff any time!

  • Ms. Liz, Coordinator – (916) 826-3050
  • Mr. Franklin, Intern
  • Ms. Kacie, Intern
  • Ms. Sarah, Intern

If you are interested in services for your student, or just want more information about the many resources our Student Support Center offer, come by visit, or call us at (916) 277-7043.  We look forward to seeing you!