Campus Is Closed – But We Are Here for You!


As we continue our distance learning journey through the start of the new 2020-21 school year, we welcome you!  We know that this is an uncertain and even challenging time for many, but none of us is alone.  Review the resources below and reach out to us for caring and compassionate support.

Help with Distance Learning

Contact your child’s teacher via email, or Principal Tucker at (916) 914-9988 for any questions or challenges with online or distance learning.

Help with Food, Shelter, Health, Mental Health, & more!

Our Student Support Center has been open to serve Bret Harte families for over 20 years!  Ms. Liz is committed to providing individual support to any student or family in need.  Below are some links to get you started, but never hesitate to reach out to her directly via email, phone or text: (916) 826-3050. 


Class List
Teacher Assignments by Grade


Bret Harte has one class per grade level, as well as a few special education classes.  Your child’s teacher will be as follows, based on their grade and/or assigned program:

Preschool (SDC): Mr. Tonel

Kindergarten: Mr. Peterson

1st Grade: Mrs. Bunney

2nd Grade: Mrs. Lim

3rd Grade: Mr. Fong

1st-3rd Grade (SDC): Mrs. Jardin

4th Grade: Mr. Newton

5th Grade: Mr. Richardson

6th Grade: Mr. Yenovkian

4th-6th (SDC-LD): Mrs. Hertzig

4th-6th (SDC-ASD): Mrs. Arca